Coin & Note Supply, Floats, ATM Fit

At GSLS we have a pick and pack operation for the delivery of Coin to retailers and the hospitality industry.

We supply Coin in any denomination and mix. Normally these orders would be delivered as part of a cash collection thereby saving on delivery costs. Coin deliveries can be made up to serve as floats, change or any other needs the customer might have.

With the shortage of small denomination notes (5’s & 10’s) in the Irish market many retailers and publicans have a need for a secure supply of these. At GSLS we supply any volume of notes required. Often this supply will be combined with a coin requirement.

Retailers who have an in store ATM have a need for a supply of notes that will function within the ATM. At GSLs we supply these “ATM Fit” notes. Once again we can supply any amount and mix of values. 

All notes supplied comply fully with the central bank note verificaction rules.