GSLS at a Glance

At GSLS we believe we provide the best cash logistics service in the market. We understand the importance of cash services to our customer, whether this is Cash In Transit, cash processing or the supply of notes or coin.

In 2009 GSLS were awarded the retail Excellence Ireland Supplier of the Year. GSLS are the first cash in Transit Company to win this prestige’s award.

Coupled with the company’s belief in customer service is an understanding that value for money is the key driver in these difficult times. We ensure that our business is run in an efficient manner thereby ensuring that we are in a position to be the cheapest in the cash in transit industry.

GSLS is at the fore front of security developments within the cash in transit industry. We work closely with both the Garda and department to ensure the safety of our customers, colleagues and the valuables in our care.

All valuables are insured under our cash and valuables insurance policy arranged by our brokers, Willis Limited. No part is self insured, thereby ensuring fast settlement of claims in the event of loss.
GSLS carries out Cash In Transit services seven days a week through Ireland. We never subcontract our services.

We are one of the largest providers of Cash In Transit services in Ireland and the only Irish owned nationwide provider.

GSLS is an owner managed Irish Company; we have no external influences except our Customers. Like all good companies we live customer service.

Our Services

Cash Collection and Delivery Services Retail & Banks

Money Processing

Coin Collection and Processing, Tolls, on Street Parking, Car Parks,
Note Supply, Floats, ATM Fit

Coin Supply, Floats, Pay Packets etc

International Movements

Valuables Storage

Our People

In order to ensure world class Customer Service you must have the best people.
The best people don’t just suddenly appear. As GSLS we invest in our people, not just in training but in listening to them. It is our colleagues who interface with our Customers every day. It is our colleagues who deliver our excellent Customer Service.

We communicate with our colleagues through our internal forum. This body made up of representatives from each department and area meets in full session four times a year. The agenda is set by all involved and any topic may be discussed. No changes to any working practices can be implemented unless discussed at the forum first. Through this vehicle GSLS has enviable industrial relations. Not only have we never had a strike, we have never had a serious industrial issue.

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